About Us

Finding joy in both parenting and our careers, we are working parents who bring our whole selves all the time and empower our clients to do the same as they grow their businesses.

How it Started

Seeing a need for a new kind of professional relationship, Bear Financial was created to change the perception of public accounting, and working with accountants. The goal was to leave the burnt out and stressful environment of traditional finance behind, and make a positive impact on the way people relate to finances. 

Bear Financial is a re-imagined relationship with your accountant.

Meet the Team

Lauren Foster

Lauren is a Client Success Champion who works with business owners to help them feel secure and at peace with their finances. Lauren believes the continuing success of a business depends on a strong financial foundation. Lauren is a Licensed Insurance Agent turned Accountant after deciding to complete her degree when she had her youngest child. She landed a position at Bear Financial in October 2020. Lauren is also a small business owner and uses her personal experiences to guide her clients in the right direction for their own businesses. Lauren is a Gusto People Advisor, Xero Advisor, Quickbooks Pro-Advisor, and also holds several other certifications that she uses to assist her clients. Lauren holds an AS in Accounting from South College. She holds a BS in Accounting from South College.

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Erin Reece

Erin has worked with CEOs, Founders, VPs, multi-million-dollar companies, and mom-and-pop shops all across the country. Her dream when she built Bear Financial was to be able to meet with any business owner, at any level and help them achieve all of their financial goals.

Erin knew from a young age that she wanted to be an accountant. She never waivered from that passion, declaring her major on her first day of college. She graduated with a BS in Accounting and holds a graduate certificate in Criminal Justice. Erin then spent over 10 years working in corporate and public accounting firms. But seeing how burnt-out both her clients and colleagues were, Erin decided to create her own, unique accounting firm.

Erin believes that everyone deserves a personal relationship with their accountant. She goes above and beyond to ensure every client feels at home, fully supported, and ready to tackle and accomplish every financial goal.

Her favorite thing about Bear Financial: "My favorite thing about Bear is how we lead with compassion and empathy, and seek to truly serve those who have put their trust in us."

Her favorite thing about Lauren: "I love her incredible work-ethic. No problem is too big, no task is too overwhelming, she just works consistently through every obstacle, and is always smiling!"

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“We are your cup of tea”

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