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Finding joy in both motherhood and our careers, we at Bear Financial are working mothers who take both of our roles seriously and do them well.

How it Started

Seeing a need for a new kind of professional relationship, Bear Financial was created to change the perception of public accounting, and working with accountants. The goal was to leave the burnt out and stressful environment of traditional finance behind, and make a positive impact on the way people relate to finances. 

Bear Financial is a re-imagined relationship with your accountant.

Meet the Team

Lauren Foster

Lauren Foster is a Client Success Champion who works with business owners to help them feel secure and at peace with their finances. Lauren believes the continuing success of a business depends on a strong financial foundation. Lauren is a Licensed Insurance Agent turned Accountant after deciding to complete her degree when she had her youngest child. She landed a position at Bear Financial in October 2020. Lauren is also a small business owner and uses her personal experiences to guide her clients in the right direction for their own businesses. Lauren is a Gusto People Advisor, Xero Advisor, Quickbooks Pro-Advisor, and also holds several other certifications that she uses to assist her clients. Lauren holds an AS in Accounting from South College. She intends to complete her BS in Accounting from South College in March of 2022.

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Erin Reece

Erin is a business finances expert who works with Founders and CEOs to help them reach their version of financial success. Erin has an intimate knowledge of all the ins and outs of business finances and how to help clients use them to their advantage. As a young child she knew she wanted to work in financial services, and began early by doing things like helping her Dad compile expense reports. Since then, has worked with hundreds of small businesses in multiple types of industries over the course of 10 years. She holds a BS in accounting, and a graduate certificate in criminal justice. She has worked in both corporate and public accounting and has a well-rounded skill set for all types of accounting and finance needs in business. Erin is a member of the TSCPA, and is a CPA exam candidate. She holds multiple certifications in cloud accounting tools including Xero, QuickBooks Online, and Bill.com, along with others. Erin strives to continually expand her education and attends CPE events and trainings regularly. In 2019, Erin started Bear to create a work environment unlike what she has experienced in other public accounting firms. She wanted moms to be able to love their jobs and parent their kids simultaneously, and not be ostracized for it. Gleaning wisdom and experience from her own working mother, Erin knew she could do something more to serve this industry better. She passionately serves her team and clients. Erin also fiercely loves her family. Her husband Alan bolsters her and is an exceptional partner to her. Her daughter Ella is a true joy, and is already talking with clients at 6 years old! Erin is exceptionally grateful to do work she loves alongside a family she adores, and to be able to give others that same opportunity.
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Shelby Stennes

Shelby is a free-spirited, midwestern native who doesn't know her place and has a passion for ensuring finances don't keep other women in theirs. When she isn't reading a book or camping, you can find her trying something new and crazy in the kitchen. She has lived in Knoxville since 2012, and stuck around when she met her beloved husband, Jon - who claims her super powers are knowing where everything is and having an insanely good handshake. They have a shared love for Star Wars AND Star Trek, Mid-century architecture, and of course their daughter Willow. In her spare time she enjoys theoretical economics, writing fiction, growing vegetables, and advocating for other people with Type 1 Diabetes.
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